Adventure Park in Shishtavec

Kukës Municipality in partnership with the Kukës Tourist Destination Management Organization/DMO-Kukës, within the Grant Scheme for Regional Development and Cohesion financed by the Swiss and Austrian governments, implemented by the Regional Development Program Albania and the Albanian Development Fund are implementing the “Adventure Park in Shishtavec” project.
Shishtaveci is one of the main areas of tourism development in the Kukës District for its tourism potential, both in nature and in culture. The village of Shishtavec lies in the northeastern area of ​​the country, bordering on the west with the municipality of Topojan, on the north with that of Zapod, and on the east with Dragash – the Republic of Kosovo, thus representing a border area near the customs point with Dragash. The geographical position of this project creates the possibility of cooperation and the increase of tourist potential on both sides of the border.
The village of Shishtavec is within the protected area “Korab-Koritnik” with a natural wealth in which various sports and cultural activities are organized at certain times of the year, such as: skiing, horse-riding, wrestling, the feast of Shëngjergji, the potato fair, etc. .
The project “Adventure Park in Shishtavec” aims to contribute to the growth of the economic potential in the area of ​​Shishtavec through the promotion of the area through the creation of spaces for the development of adventure tourism and sports.