Component 1

In this component RDPA will support the central government in successfully defining, coordinating and implementing the institutional and legal framework for Regional Development.

The Programme will contribute in the establishment of regional development policy in Albania being consistent with the National Development Strategies, in particular with the National Strategy for Development and Integration (NSDI) and EU accession requirements. In this line, support will be dedicated to the Central Government structures in charge for regional development reform in Albania in the formulation of regional development policy in line with national development policies and EU best practice. Awareness raising among main government actors and other stakeholders involved in regional development policy is foreseen, to ensure an effective policy formulation and implementation, in line with the EU standard regional development policies and concepts.

During this Component, RDPA will be focused on the revision of the legal framework for Regional Development, with the establishment of specific proposals for a policy framework for Regional Development in Albania including regulatory principles: continuity (proposals are in line with on-going reform efforts); effectiveness and efficiency (achieving maximum development results at a minimum cost) and  partnership (giving a substantial role to regional and local administrations as well as non-governmental stakeholders and citizens).

In the finalization of this Component, is expected, that a new law for regional development is adopted and also enriched by secondary legislation, further regulating regional development programmes and measures in Albania. The programme will also contribute for the establishment and consolidation of a new financial model covering the planning, management and control of regional  development financing in Albania and envisaging the needed resources and instruments for regional development. Such approach will promote the design of an Operational Programme for financing the development in the four established regions.

The implementation of this Component will follow a bottom down approach, starting with the establishment and definition of principles of the Regional Policy and extending in the development of the institutional policy concerned with institutional and sectoral mechanisms of implementing RD policies.  Thus, this component will be also devoted to policy application, focusing on the regulatory framework and the secondary legislation as well as the programming process from the local structures.