Component 2

In this component RDPA will support ADF and other competent institutions to increase their capacities in relation to the implementation of the territorial integrated approach to the regions, an approach which is based on an operational program and integration of various instruments and strategies which all target territorial development.

The territorial integrated approach to development is increasingly replacing traditional sectoral approaches to programming in both advanced economies and development countries. This programming approach combines in an integrated way the different instruments, sectoral strategies and investments focusing on targeted territories. Actions are meant to mutually reinforce each other, so enhancing the legitimacy of governance structures at all levels, and paving the ground for inclusive development, reinforced by civil society and the private sector as well as by active contribution by women and youth. Under this approach, complementary coordinated action at national and local level is required in order to help deliver these objectives. Hence, the approach to integrated territorial development is not guided from the top nor locally-driven.

The main drivers to integrated territorial development are: 1) Combining investments facilitating socio-economic development, while at the same time reducing vulnerability and inequalities, and promoting a developmental approach to durable solutions and resilience building; 2) Balance the focus on geographical needs with continued institutional building of the relevant institutions, designed in a way to reinforce the relations between all levels of government.

In this context, the RDPA will strongly support the competent institutions for regional development in the implementation of the integrated territorial approach by finalizing and making extensive use of planning and programming documents already consulted with stakeholders. The application of the principle of partnership will be reflected in all activities and will be an essential part of the process of effective use of funds addressed to Regional development..