Component 2

RDPA will support the new established structures of Regional Development, so they make effective and strategic use of increasing funds for the development of regions through a partnership approach

In this process RDPA Team will closely cooperate with local structures in the design and finalization of the Operational Programmes. Thus, set up a coherent and well-structured planning and programming mechanism for each region and outline a National Programme for Regional Development.

The National Framework for Regional Development (NFRD) will be developed, representing a significant cross-sectoral, area-focused, part of the National Strategy for Development and Integration, linking a range of central government institutions with socio-economic actors and institutions across the country. In this process different goals will be assessed such as sustainable economic development of the Regions, reduction of disparities by promoting the development of underdeveloped areas; reduction of negative demographic trends or the efficient use of domestic natural resources and goods.

To achieve this, partnership principles have to be applied, especially in the process of the NFRD preparation, by involving local communities and actors into the preparation of the key strategic documents.

In this perspective, civil society, private sector and local government units will play an important role by being integrated in the development of the Operational Programmes, included in the boards of Regional Development Agencies and engaged in the Regional Development projects. For this purpose partnership mechanisms are being developed such as the ‘partnership boards’ at national level and also in each regional management area, involving all the related actors and groups of interest.

The interventions planned in this framework will intend to strengthen the emerging institutional system of Regional Development agencies in their first years of operations. This will be achieved by the implementation of a capacity building plan for RDA-s, and also provide support for governmental structures and related Regional Development agencies. The envisaged trainings will be focused on the management of Planning, Programming and Implementation for RD, and also on the management of the grant scheme.