Enhancing Capacities of RDA-s in Planning and Programming

June 2018

During the last months RDPA efforts were dedicated to the process of enhancing the capacities of the Regional Development Agencies in relation to planning and programming for regional development. In parallel, important data and crucial information was gathered for the preparation of related regional strategic documents to be finalized with the preparation of the National Framework for Regional Development.

RDPA Team of experts, started this process from the basis; the assessment and definition of the development status in each of the four RDA-s, focusing on their performance gaps, and assessing their capabilities and organizational structures. Through close consultations and daily discussions with the staff of the four RDA-s, the RDPA experts estimated the capacity building needs and established a training plan to be followed during the forthcoming months.

Following close consultations with the RDA-s and related regional development institutions, the ‘training needs analyses’, was shared and discussed  with  the Department of Development and Good Governance (Prime Minister Office) and RDA-s Directors. This phase was important for finalizing a Training Package and determining the Training Map for the Regional Development, providing a step by step process to better serve to the needs of RDA-s in Planning and Programming for Regional Development.

In addition, the project experts drafted specific and detailed guidelines in regards to the regional development planning. Structured as a handbook, the guidelines provide methodological instructions and a clear guidance for the preparation of the Regional Strategies and Plans. The guidelines are structured in two main chapters: the first contains instructions and elements for a full regional planning approach – including the profile of the region, SWOT analysis, and problem analysis and bench-marking indicators for regional development; while the second, is focused on the visioning approach, where strategic orientations and objectives are defined.

In this framework, a series of workshops with RDAs staff followed, explaining the RDPA approach and methodology related to the Planning and Programming process including key components and actors  to be finalized in the National Framework for Regional Development. The first workshop took place in Tirana, which included the staffs of RDA 2 – Tirana and RDA 4 – Vlora; the second took place in Korça – with the staff of RDA 3, and the last one was organized in Shkodra with the staff of the RDA 1.

Based on the findings of this phase, the project team continued with the preparation of the “Training on Strategic Planning and Coordination of Processes at RDAs” which took place in Durrës during 10 -11 April  2018, with the participation of staffs from the four RDA-s. The training can be considered fundamental for improving the knowledge and understanding of the RDA staff on Regional Development planning and programming processes, with a special focus on socio-economic analysis for each region. The process of preparing the socio – economic analysis for each region was also supported by the Prime Minister’s Office in accessing, gathering and analyzing important data on economy and demography from the related national and regional institutions. The results were utilized to formulate further on customized objectives per each region and generate development objectives for the national level.

The process continued with the organization of the regional workshops in the four regions designed to identify and define sectorial regional priorities and objectives, fundamental to the preparation of the National Framework for Regional Development.

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30 May 2018 – Shkoder: Workshop on SWOT Analysis & Problem Tree

25 May 2018 – Korce: Workshop on SWOT Analysis & Problem Tree

15 May 2018 – Tirane: Workshop on SWOT Analysis & Problem Tree

11 May 2018 – Vlore: Workshop on SWOT Analysis & Problem Tree

10 – 11 April 2018 – Durres: Training on Strategic Planning and Coordination Process with Regional Development Agencies