Frequently Asked Questions

What is Regional Development Programme in Albania?

Regional Development Programme Albania III (RDPA) is a joint continuous effort to support the Regional Development reform in Albania. The main purpose of the RDPA is to reduce disparities in Albania by supporting the development of strong regions, so they can advance their potentials and provide better social and economic conditions for their citizens.

Who is financing and who is implementing the project in Albania?

RDPA is co-funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), and implemented by ECORYS and CoPlan in close partnership with the Government of Albania.

Who are the main partners of the Programme?

Direct Partners

  • The Government of Albania
  • National Agency for Regional Development (NARD)
  • Regional Development Agencies (RDA-s)
  • Institute of Statistics (INSTAT)

Development Partners:

  • European Union
  • GIZ
  • ADA

Other Partners

  • Line Ministries:
  • Albanian Development Fund (ADF)
  • Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA)
  • Local Government Units (Municipalities)
  • Regional Economic Development Agency (REDA)

Which are the main objectives of the Programme?

  • The Programme will support the government of Albania to set up a policy framework on Regional Development and ensure proper coordination and implementation at national and regional level.
  • The Programme will support new regional development institutions in making effective and strategic use of funds through partnership approac
  • The Programme will improve the socio-economic conditions of Albanian citizens through implementation of Regional Development projects, reflecting regional needs and priorities.

What is the time-frame of the Programme?

The first phase of the Programme is 18 months, with a budget of CHF 3.445.000,00, and is foreseen to be finalized by September 2018.

How is RDPA related to the EU integration process?

Regional Development Policy is also fundamental to the EU integration processes, as introduces Albania to the very same principles of EU Cohesion policy. The Programme will assist to implement strategic, regulatory, institutional and financial framework for Regional Development, which will contribute to accelerate the process of joining the EU.