Feasibility Study – Region 4 Training

The second cycle of trainings for local government institutions is successfully completed!

Representatives of the municipalities of Region 4 participated in the training for “Feasibility Studies” which took place on 06-07 June 2022 in Vlora. The training was organized by the Regional Development Program (RDPA) in cooperation with the Albanian School of Public Administration (ASPA).

The training was conducted in physical presence with representatives of the municipalities of region 4, Mallakastër Municipality, Lushnjë Municipality, Përmet Municipality, Fier Municipality, Roskovec Municipality, Himara Municipality, Selenica Municipality, Vlora Municipality, Patos Municipality and Saranda Municipality.

The Feasibility Study Training Cycle aimed to provide more information on financial analysis, discounting, risk analysis, etc. The training enabled participants to understand the principles and key elements of cost-benefit analysis (CBA) as well as elements of a feasibility study and the key steps of a control as well as a feasibility report.