First Meeting of the Inter-Institutional Working Group on Chapter 22

With the technical support of RDPA, the first meeting of the Inter Institutional Working Group on Chapter 22 “Regional Policy and Coordination of Structural Instruments” was held in Tirana on 16 November 2022. The meeting was chaired by Ms Romina Kuko, Deputy-Minister of the Ministry of Interior and organized by the Technical Secretariat on Chapter 22, the Agency of Support to Local Governments (ASLG).

Ms Kuko clearly stated the purpose and expected results of the meeting, including the progress achieved up-to-date and the Terms of Reference for the Working Group.

Ms Sylvia Indjova (RDPA international expert) made a presentation on “Lessons Learned” regarding Chapter 22 negotiations in other countries, including information on Chapter 22 and the EU negotiation agenda, the technology of the negotiating process, Chapter 22 and the EU Regulations, Understanding the EU Cohesion Policy, Most common gaps identified and Challenges.

Ms Kuko then continued with the proposed sub-division of the CH22 Working Group into 4 sub-groups: Policy and Legal Framework, Institutional Framework and Administrative Capacity, Programming, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Financial Management, Audit and Control.

She stated there is a clear justification on the composition of each Sub-Group, the justification of the appointment of its members, and its expected tasks.

The meeting continued with a session of Questions and Answers; and very interesting interventions of many of the participants, showing huge interest in the tasks and responsibilities ahead.