First round of meetings with the four IIWG CH 22 Sub-Groups concluded.

In close coordination with the Negotiator for Chapter 22, and the Agjencia për Mbështetjen e Vetëqeverisjes Vendore, we are glad to inform that we have concluded the kick-off meetings of the four IIWG CH22 sub-groups:

Sub-Group 1: Policy Making and Legal Framework.

Sub-Group 2 : Institutional Framework and Administrative Capacity

Sub-Group 3: Programming, Monitoring and Evaluation

Sub-Group 4: Financial, Management, Audit and Control.

Based on the shared Guidance Notes, in each of the meetings, we have discussed the Scope of the Group, the overall operational activities and main challenges ahead, the calendar of meetings till July 2023, the discussion of the EU Common Provision Regulations (CPR) and the EC questions to answer for the Chapter 22 questionnaire.

All meetings have been organized by sub-group leaders in close coordination with Technical Secretariat CH22/ASLG , thus we would like to also thank NAO, SASPAC, and the Ministria E Puneve Te Brendshme – Directorate of EU Integration for their excellent preparation and coordination of the sub-group meetings. The Regional Development Programme Albania team leader gave his technical support and inputs during those meetings.

As a following activity, on 15th June 2023, it is planned a one-day critical and intensive Training on “EC Regulations regarding Structural Funds”. This training is very important and critical for negotiation process of Chapter 22.

**All the members of the IIWG CH22 have been kindly invited to participate .