Imeldi Sokoli holds the position of Local Expert for Regional Planning in RDPA.

He has been an Urban and Regional Planner at Co-PLAN, Institute for Habitat Development since February 2015.  His expertise extends to other fields of territorial development policies and management of informal settlements, working for institutions such as: National Agency of Territorial Planning and Regional Directorate of ALUIZNI in Shkodra.

Mr. Sokoli graduated in 2014, at the level of Master of Science degree, in Urban Planning and Management with excellent results at Polis University in Tirana, Albania. His research topic for the thesis of the diploma: Drafting a spatial vision for the cross-border region of Shkodra- Podgorica and the surrounding areas of the Shkodra Lake, through the Cross-border Cooperation Instrument, as an instrument of EU policies.

Fields of expertise include Urban Planning, Regional Planning, Urban Design and Graphic Design. Mainly, his work experience consists of drafting the documents of Local General Plans of Elbasan, Fier, Kuçova, Lushnja, Berat, Mat, Gramsh and Belsh Municipalities in Albania. Recently he has been the coordinator for the Local General Plans of Gramsh and Belsh Municipalities, managing the technical process of this projects.

Currently he is part of a Professional Master Degree in Housing and Land Management, on a part-time basis. This program is a collaboration between Polis University in Albania and IHS (Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies) in Netherlands.

He is the co-author of several scientific publications in the field of urban planning such as Urban Development Strategies of Elbasan, Berat, Fier, Lushnje and Kuçova Municipalities.  He is also an assistant lecturer at Polis University.