Info Session Nr. 3 – Shkodra

17 May 2018

The third Info Session was conducted in the city of Shkodra with the support of the Regional Development Agency 1 and the participation of mayors, deputy mayors and technical level representatives from municipalities of Shkodra, Has, Lezha, Tropoja, Malësi e Madhe, Kurbin, Vau Dejës, Kukës, Fushë Arrëz and Pukë.

The Head of RDA No. 1 Mr. Arben Quku welcomed the participants, stressing in his opening remarks the support from SDC and ADA through the RDPA Programme  in the area of regional development. “This is as a very good opportunity for the regional agencies to engage in important functions in the framework of Regional Grant Scheme as well as for the local authorities to fund small-scale investment projects needed for the local communities” stressed Quku. He emphasized that it is of crucial importance to bring forward the discussion on decentralisation of regional development as Regions need assistance to overcome structural gaps and develop their competitive advantages.

In his speech, the RDPA Team Leader Mr. Carl Heller explained why municipalities should be interested and involved in the Regional Development Policy and how can they contribute to the planning process. Mrs. Valeria Valeri and Mrs. Ada Bedini from RDPA presented key information on the Grant Scheme focusing on the criteria for financing, the evaluation of the project proposals and explanation of the application form. The participants had the chance to share their questions with the RDPA experts and receive answers to their concerns. The event also found the local media interest, with local TV Channels covereage of the info sessions and interviews to the presenters

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