Info Session Nr. 1 – Tirana

12 April 2018

The first Info Session was held in Tirana with the support of the Regional Development Agency 2 on 12 April 2018. Participants were technical level representatives from municipalities of this area of regional development.

Mr Jetnor Haxhiaj from RDA No 2 introduced the RDPA Phase 3, the Donors and the support the Programme is providing in the area of regional development in Albania. He referred to the Regional Pilot Grant Scheme as an important financial tool for municipalities to support local smallscale investments projects and to learn more from the related processes. The meeting continued with Mrs. Valeria Valeri and Mrs. Ada Bedini, RDPA Grants Managers who presented key information and provided relevant details on the grant scheme application and eligibility.

During her presentation, Mrs Bedini focused on information related to ‘how to apply’, the criteria for financing, and the evaluation of the project proposals.

Following the presentation, the floor was opened for questions and discussions from the participants coming from Municipality of Durrës, Dibër, Kamëz, Mat, Bulqizë, Klos, Krujë, Vorë, Tirana, Shijak, Kavajë and Rrogozhinë. The discussions and the questions on the Regional Grant Scheme related to the application process, eligible costs and actions.