Info Session Nr. 2 – Fier

16 April 2018

The second Info Session was organised on 16 April 2018 with the support of the Regional Development Agency 4 in Fier with participation by technical level representatives from municipalities of Pustec, Patos, Mallakaster, Lushnje, Fier, Roskovec, Permet, Gjirokaster, Divjake, Tepelenë.

The event was opened by the Director of the Regional Development Agency Mrs. Madlina Puka who announced the launch of the RDPA Pilot Grant Scheme as part of RDPA Programme and briefly briefly presented the scope and objectives of the RDPA. The Team Leader of RDPA, Mr. Carl Heller also addressed the event sharing with the participants some thoughts about Regional Development Policy, why municipalities should be interested in this subject, how they can contribute to the planning process and what RDPA offers and supports in this field.  “In order to attract funds for regional development, the need for funding is to be demonstrated by data and information which clearly establish the baseline, show the gaps to be filled, and estimate the costs for improvement” stressed Mr. Heller during his remarks inviting all regional partners including Municipalities, to join in order to contribute to the preparation of high quality Regional Development Plan. In this framework, Regional Development is a permanent learning process that has proven successful in EU Member States only when it has been able to activate collaboration and genuine partnership between local authorities within regions, and between regions and the central government around the common objectives. The RDPA Programme aims to support this process and is ready to share the knowledge and expertise with the pragmatism which is necessary to achieve good results. The meeting was followed by RDPA Grants Managers Mrs. Valeria Valeri and Mrs. Ada Bedini, who presented relevant information on the grant scheme and in the last part of the Info Session the floor was opened for the questions and discussions from the Participants who wanted to know more on the the eligibility of the actions and related procedures to be aware during the application processes.

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