Info Session Nr. 4 – Korca 

18 April

The fourth planned Info Session was conducted in the city of Korca, with the support of the Regional Development Agency  3 and participation of mayors, deputy mayors and technical level representatives from municipalities of Devoll, Prrenjas, Skrapar, Peqin, Maliq, Belsh, Ersekë, Kolonjë, Librazhd, Elbasan, Cërrik, Kuçovë, Ura Vajgurore, Berat, Korça, Pogradec and Gramsh. In his opening remarks, the Head of RDA .3 Mr. Litian Broka presented the Programme and its objectives to the participants. He appreciated the financial support from Swiss DevelopeDC and ADA in the area of Regional Development, and stressed the importance of collaboration with the local authorities in order to prepare high quality plans that will be the basis for future support. During his address , Mr. Broka mentioned the importance of the RDPA Pilot Grant Scheme as a very good opportunity for RDAs to be engaged in the evaluation and selection of project proposals and also in the monitoring and reporting of projects.

The RDPA Team Leader Mr. Carl Heller was focused on what Regional Development Policy is about, why municipalities should be interested and involved in this subject, how can they contribute to the planning process and what RDPA offers and supports in this field. “Regional Development is a permanent learning process that has proven successful in EU Member States only when it has been able to activate collaboration and genuine partnership between local authorities within regions, and between regions and the central government around the common objectives” stressed Mr. Heller.

RDPA Grants Managers, Mrs. Valeria Valeri and Mrs. Ada Bedini shared with the participants relevant information on the grant scheme: the application process, criteria for financing, the evaluation of the project proposals and the preparation of the application form. The floor was then for the participants’ questions and discussions.

The event attracted the local media attention which covered the event, and broadcasted a brief interview with  Mr. Heller.

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