Info Session Nr. 6 – Vlora

20 April 2018

With the support of Regional Development Agency 4, the second info session for this Area of Regional Development, was held on 20 April 2018 in Vlora, with the participation of mayors, deputy mayors and technical level representatives from municipalities.

The Director of RDA  4 Ms. Madlina Puka welcomed the participants and stressed the importance of regional development principles in the future regional policy. Mr Dritan Leli – the Mayor of Vlora – addressed the event praising the support of the Programme and the contribution from SDC and ADA in the area of regional development by supporting the capacity building for regional/local structures and also the small-scale projects to the benefit of local authorities and the Albanian citizens.

The Head of RDA. 4,  Ms Madlina Puka stressed once more the importance of the collaboration and the support provided by the Programme. “This constitutes a very good opportunity for RDAs that for the first time will be engaged in the evaluation and selection of project proposals and also in the monitoring and reporting of projects.”, stressed Puka.

In his address, the RDPA Team Leader Mr. Carl Heller explained for the participants the scope of Regional Development Policy and Planning Process in the framework of Regional Development. “RDPA purpose is to address regional disparities and promote balanced growth and employment in all areas of Albania. This Policy is an important component of the process of European Integration, and for this reason is also financially supported with grants by the European Union in the context of Cohesion Policy.  However, it is necessary to ensure that this policy does not remain a set of declarations on paper but generates concrete actions that can bring funding of the most needed investment projects in each region.”, stressed Mr. Heller in his remarks.

The Grant Scheme presentation by Mrs. Valeria Valeri and Mrs. Ada Bedini was followed by questions and discussions from the participants concerning various aspects of the Grant Scheme application process.

The Info Session sparked also the interest of the local media which covered the event.