Law for Public Procurement and Innovations – Training

On February 22, 2022, the training ” Law for Public Procurement and Innovations ” was held by the Regional Development Program and the Albanian Development Fund, in the framework of the implementation of the Grant Scheme for Regional Development and Cohesion.

The training was conducted with the physical participation of 13 representatives of municipalities involved in the implementation of projects in the upcoming months, who discussed the issues and innovations of the Public Procurement Law.

More specifically, the training consisted on:

  • Principles of public procurement in the new law
  • New ways of notification and their impact on procurement procedures
  • Types of procurement procedures
  • Complaints review system- a new format
  • Amendment and monitoring of the contract

The training was organized as part of a series of trainings for the employees of the beneficiary municipalities in order to increase capacity and improve the quality of project management according to best practices and successful experiences of previous schemes.