Regional Development Programme Albania IV (RDPA) is a joint continuous effort to support the Regional Development reform in Albania, co-funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), implemented in partnership with the Government of Albania.

The main purpose of the RDPA programme is to reduce disparities in Albania by supporting the development of strong regions, so they can advance their potentials and provide better social and economic conditions for their citizens. The Government of Albania has acknowledged Regional Development as a priority and has taken a series of measures to significantly invest in this process at national and regional level in order to achieve the overall objective of the Albanian government concerning regional development: Increasing the competitiveness between regions, whilst ensuring sustainable socio-economic development of communities and creating a competitive and dynamic economy.

In this context the programme also aims to increase regional cohesion, reduce inequalities in resource utilization, productivity and social/environmental standards. This will increase management effectiveness and create an inclusive society with higher skills and better jobs for women and men.

Regional Development Policy is also fundamental to the EU integration processes, as introduces Albania to the very same principles of EU cohesion policy. The programme will assist to implement strategic, regulatory, institutional and financial framework for Regional Development, which will accelerate the process of joining the EU.

Main objectives and activities planned for phase 4 of the Programme are:

  1. The central government successfully defines, coordinates and implements the institutional and legal framework for Regional Development.

As a result the Programme will:

> Provide support to the Government central institutions to coordinate, plan, monitor and evaluate Regional Development Policy application (NFRD planning and implementation);

> Provide support to the Central Government institutions to coordinate and implement Regional Policy through a transparent and needs oriented financing mechanism;

> Support the international exposure of Regional Development in Albania.

  1. The ADF as managing authority and other competent institutions and bodies for regional development prepare and approve the programming frame for future use of EU funds and make effective and strategic use of increasing funds for the development of regions through partnership approach.

 As a result the Programme will:

> Support the preparation process of Regional Development Planning and Programming documents through a participatory way;

> Support the partnership mechanism and approach for strategic use of increasing funds for the development of regions;

> Support Regional Development bodies and institutions capacities to manage the implementation of Regional Development Policy.


  1. The socio-economic conditions for Albanian citizens are improved through the implementation of Regional Development projects reflecting regional needs and priorities.

As a result the Programme will:

> Support the Albanian Authorities capacities to establish a sound management and control system for managing public funds;

> Support potential grant beneficiaries to improve their capacities to develop project proposals addressing regional competitiveness and cohesion needs;

> Support Regional Development Units to strengthen their operational capacity to be engaged in preparation, implementation and monitoring of regional development grant schemes in partnership with national, regional and local level institutions.