‘How to Programme” workshops with RDA-s

‘How to Programme” workshops with RDA-s

October, November 2018

How to ‘programme’ for Regional Development was in the focus of a series of workshops with Regional Development Agencies and regional development experts.


The first workshop took place in Tirana on 26 October 2018 with teams from RDA 2 in Tirana and RDA 4 in Vlora. The second and third workshop took place respectively on November 2nd and November 8th with participants from the RDA 3 in Korca and RDA 1 in Shkodra.  Representatives from the four regions, were informed and acquainted with RDPA approach, emphasizing important aspects related to programming process, mechanisms for supporting RDA-s and the approaching Pilot Grant Scheme.

During the events, Anila Gjika, RDPA expert, presented to the participants the scope of RDPA in a nutshell, stressing the three main tasks:

  1. Support to the central government in defining and implementing the institution and legal framework for Regional Development focusing on the legal framework, reform of Regional Development Fund and the institutional framework.
  2. Support new regional development institutions in making effective use of funds through partnership approach by focusing on institution building, regional programme, and trainings.
  3. Improve the socioeconomic conditions of Albanian citizens through the Grant mechanism: project proposal and implementation.

During the discussions with  RDA-s representatives was introduced the ‘Partnership Approach’ which will be in the foundations of Regional Development Policy, and is reflected in the process of supporting RDA-s, through the establishment of Regional Development Working Groups and Regional Development Working Teams. Furthermore in each of the Regional Development Areas the Regional Monitoring Committees will be established applying the partnership principles in two levels;

  • Horizontal Partners: the competent regional, local, urban and other public authorities and
  • Vertical Partners: the economic and social partners, NGO’s. educational and research groups: business associations etc.

During this processes, public consultations and participation of interested actors/groups are foreseen to identify and to address the local needs and priorities. The workshops constituted an opportunity for all the participants to receive important information of RDPA, future steps and milestones while discussing with the experts key concerns and challenges related to the Programme and related regional development policies.