Regional Development in Albania, towards a new sustainable endogenous growth

Regional Development in Albania, towards a new sustainable endogenous growth


By Carl Heller / RDPA Team Leader

In its recent history Albania has undergone a profound and accelerated process of economic, social and territorial change. The progress of the country has brought along new challenges and opportunities, which should be converted in coherent economic, social and territorial development policies in order to ensure a sustainable endogenous growth.

Regional Development represents an important tool within this process, aiming at introducing and implementing a coordinated and integrated approach to the socio-economic development of all parts of the Albanian territory, reducing inequalities of opportunity among individuals, economies and regions.

To implement such a policy there is the need to change the way of thinking, implement new coordination mechanisms between different levels of management and implement a new institutional system. The successful implementation of the Regional Development Policy will bring Albania and its regions closer to the EU market, with better capacities to compete and to foster economic development and improved social distribution.

This is the first issue of the Newsletter prepared within the scope of the “Regional Development Programme Albania – RDPA” co-funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the Austrian Development Agency (ADA).

In collaboration with the Albanian Government, RDPA will assist in the reform, the preparation and implementation of Regional Development Policy in Albania, the preparation of a National Framework for Regional Development, the related Regional Development Programmes in each of the development regions in Albania and, the implementation of first regional development projects through a Pilot Grant Scheme financed under this Programme. In the process RDPA will keep stakeholders and project partners at national and regional level informed about the progress and steps taken in the regional development planning, programming and implementation process.

The RDPA newsletter will help us communicate our work and the step-by-step progress of the reform, therefore, I suggest you to follow us and learn more about Regional Development Programme in Albania.