Regional Pilot  Grant Scheme: A new Learning and Funding Opportunity for Albanian Municipalities.

Regional Pilot Grant Scheme: A new Learning and Funding Opportunity for Albanian Municipalities.

May, June, July 2018

On 11 April 2018 RDPA launched the Call for Proposals under the Pilot Regional Grant Scheme. The Scheme financed by the Swiss and Austrian Governments with a fund of 822,000 EUR, targeted 61 municipalities of Albania in the four Areas of Regional Development and aimed to directly improve the socio – economic conditions of the local communities.

The launch of the Grant Scheme was followed by the organisation of 6 Info Sessions in each Area of Regional Development to inform the Albanian municipalities on this funding opportunity (LINK to Launch of the Grant Scheme). The information campaign resulted in high demand for the Pilot Regional  Grant Scheme by both smaller and larger municipalities of Albania, with 47 project proposals submitted by the municipalities. The high number of applications and the geographical distribution of the applying municipalities demonstrated the need and relevance of funding for small-scale municipal development projects in the four Areas of Regional Development.

Moreover, for the first time, an institutional mechanism of regional-level grant management was implemented by the four Regional Development Agencies, mandated by the RDPA to conduct the project selection process in accordance with international good practice.

After detailed evaluation of the project proposals, 16 grants were awarded ranging between 31,800 and 60,000 EUR. The awarded municipalities under the Pilot Regional Grant Scheme are the municipality of Malësia e Madhe; Mirditë; Shkodër; Tropojë; Dibër; Durrës; Shijak; Tiranë; Belsh; Kuçovë; Librazhd; Ura Vajgurore; Fier; Këlcyrë; Patos and Vlorë. (CLICK HERE for the ‘Presentation of the Awarded Grants’). The selected projects address key needs and priorities of local communities and aim to directly improve their quality of life. In addition, the application and selection process showed the commitment and preparedness of Albanian municipalities, including smallest ones,  to engage in grant contracts in the benefit of their local communities.

This funding opportunity provided by the Swiss and Austrian Governments is further contributing to strengthen the capabilities of regional and municipal level structures as mandated bodies and grant beneficiaries, thus paving the way for sound and full absorption of donor’s funding in the future. In this context, RDPA is also raising awareness of local self-government units on the need to prepare mature projects that can be implemented in a fast track manner, within the framework of Albanian legislation as well as international good practice in grant management.

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30 April 2018, Tirane: Training on “Project Assessment and Selection Methodology.”

18 May 2018, Tirane: Training on “Internal control design and implementation of internal control systems for managing public funds”

22 May 2018, Tirane: Training on “Grants Management”

11 June 2018, Tirane: Training on “Management Verification, Monitoring and Reporting”

2 July 2018, Vlore: Training on “Assessment of Feasibility Studies”

12 July 2018, Tirane: Training on Image, Public Communication and Visibility Standards