Revitalization of attractive tourist facilities in the touristic village of Rroshnik

The project being implemented by Berat Municipality, within the Grant Scheme for Regional Development and Cohesion, focuses on the creation of some eco-tourism tourist attractions in the village of Roshnik.
The municipality of Berat has started the revitalization of the space around Lake Bova, where a panoramic square will be created, a place where visitors can enjoy the beauty of nature and the opportunity to perform various water sports such as diving, canoeing, walking or run. The interventions will continue with the revitalization of the space “Roshnik Square” to create opportunities for organizing agribusiness events with a focus on ecotourism.
Also, through this project, two tourist trails for walking and cycling will be created: the Qafa e Pazjanit-Roshnik trail and the Roshnik-Çezma e Tariko trail. Orientation signs, benches and recreation areas will be placed along the paths.