Roshnik Festival

“Roshnik Festival” is one of the activities of the project ” Revitalization of attractive tourist facilities in the touristic village of Rroshnik” implemented by Berat Municipality within the Grant Scheme for Regional Development and Cohesion.
“Roshnik Festival” was organized in Roshnik in Berat, where for 3 consecutive days the following activities took place:

  1. Fig fruit harvesting.
  2. Activities with children and animations.
  3. “Agribusiness Fair” with local businesses.
  4. Festive concert focusing on the tradition of the unit with guest singers.
  5. Workshop and natural guide with licensed guides for visiting the village’s attractions (Kayak, hiking, etc.)
    The event was organized in accordance with the project activity plan and precedes the inauguration of works in the center of Roshnik and the creation of 3 tourist trails:
    Path 1 “Pass of Pazjan – Roshnik”
    Path 2 “Roshnik- Çezma e Tariko”
    Path 3 “Bove Lake Path”