Study Visit in Romania: Regional Development successes and challenges

Study Visit in Romania: Regional Development successes and challenges

17 October 2017

From October 7 – 14, a delegation of Regional Development Programme in Albania conducted a study visit in Romania aiming to learn from one of the best practices of EU Member States in regards to the regional development.

Albanian Delegation was headed by RDPA Team Leader Carl Heller, accompanied by the General Directors of RDAs and representatives from the GoA responsible for RD and representatives from the RDPA.

During the visit in Romania, RDPA delegation had the opportunity to discuss and be acquainted with some of the accountable institutions for the design of policies, strategies and operational plans on RD such as Ministry of Regional Development, Public Administration and EU Funds; Agencies for Regional Development in Romania etc. In the focus of the visit was the sharing of experiences of ARDs in the inclusion of all the actors of the regional development, through the functioning of the boards of cooperation in the process of grant programming and application.

How to absorb and manage EU funds and the opportunity of financing through the Regional Development Programme was discussed with direct beneficiaries such as the Municipality of Zalaut, Municipality of Sibiu, local councils etc. The Study Tour in Romania was also a chance to concretely discuss and share views with related colleagues and actors of the regional development in regards to the roles, responsibilities, organization and functions of RDA-s and related institutions involved in RD.

The tour kicked off with presentation and discussion with Mrs. Aura Raducu, former EU Delegation responsible for regional development, Minster of European Funds in Romania, who shared with the visitors some historical aspects of Regional Development in Romania highlighting key achievements. The following meeting was conducted in the Ministry of Regional Development, Public Administration and EU Funds – MRDPA with State Secretary Mihaela Toader and representatives of MA for Regional Operational Programme. During the visit were introduced some of the key regional development policies and legal / institutional framework for regional development in Romania.  During the meeting concrete examples of Regional operational programmes, evolution and achievements were shared with the Albanian counterparts.

The Study Visit was directed after to the local regions, where in Regional Development Agency ‘Centru’ (RDAC), the Albanian delegation was acknowledged with the processes on the implementation of European funds, examples and exchange of good practices. Key projects financed in the framework of RDP in Romania such as “Rehabilitation of the historical center of Alba Iulia”, “Historic Center Rehabilitation Eastern Route, Southern Route, Nordic Route Vauban Fortification” and “Restoration and access to the western side Alba Carolina fortress, the Vauban fortress, Alba Iulia municipality” were presented for the participants focusing on the development opportunities for the region and the impact in local communities.

In the framework of RDPA (II) other Study Visits will be conducted with regional development actors in the country to provide guidance,  real examples and success stories of Regional Development Policies in Balkans and Europe.