“Revitalization of attractive tourist environments in the tourist village of Roshnik” project was successfully inaugurated!

The project was implemented by the Municipality of Berat within the Grant Scheme for Regional Development and Cohesion, implemented by the Regional Development Program Albania and the Albanian Development Fund, with the financial support of the Swiss and Austrian governments

The inauguration of the Roshnik village square took place on November 18, 2022, in the presence of the Austrian ambassador Mr. Christian Steiner, representatives of the Austrian Development Agency and the Mayor of Berat, Mr. Ervin Demo. The project has made possible the rehabilitation of the square near the center of the village, the creation of three bicycle paths, which connect Roshnik with Qafë Pazjani, Lake Bova and Cesma e Tariko, and support for the promotion of the area, through the event “Festa e Roshnik” and promotional package.