Regional Development Planning & Programming

Regional Development Planning & Programming

10-11 April 2018

In the framework of the capacity building for regional structures, RDPA conducted in Durrës the training on “Regional Development Planning and Programming” with representatives of Working Teams from the four Regional Development Agencies. The 2-day training aimed at improving the knowledge and understanding on Regional Development planning and programming process focusing on the socio-economic analysis, setting of the objectives, identification of priorities and the monitoring process.

The first part of the training, moderated by RDPA Regional Development Key Expert, Mrs. Anila Gjika was focused on the Regional Development policy implementation and planning, tackling important programming instruments in the framework of the Regional Development.

The regional development policy implementation was brought to focus during this session, highlighting important planning and programming documents that can be utilized in the framework of regional development. In this regards, the institutional arrangements for Regional Development and programming were explained by Mrs. Gjika and later discussed with the participants.

The training was followed by the session on “Regional Development dataset and Information System” conducted by RDPA Expert Dr. Merita Boka, who shared with the participants the dataset structure on Regional Development in the national level, focusing on the content of each of the following chapters: Economic Development and Cohesion ; Social Development and Cohesion ; Territorial Development and Cohesion and Factors Determining Growth Rate.

Following, a session on “Socio-Economic Analysis, data and information, analysis and diagnose” was held by RDPA team of local experts: Fiona Imami, Zenel Bajrami, Imeldi Sokoli and Kejt Dhrami. Several examples and cases were presented on how to undertake the socio – economic analysis in the framework of regional development. More concretely the training tackled important socio-economic analyses related to the following topics: Topography and Geography; Accessibility; Spatial character and Resources; Population and Demography; Human Resources and Labour Market; Unemployment and Revenues; Infrastructure; Education; Economy an Business; Agriculture; and Tourism.

“The Environmental Analysis for Regional and National Development” was also introduced by the environmental MSc. Rodion Gjoka who explained a series of subchapters under this component such as: Water Supply and Waste Water Treatment, Environmental Inventory, Energy Efficiency, Climate Change and Flood Risks etc.