Alternative economic development in high risk areas with illegal/informal actions such as cannabis planting in Gjirokastra and Dropull

Alternative economic development in areas with a high risk of illegal/informal actions such as planting cannabis in Gjirokaster and Dropull, is the project being implemented by the Municipality of Gjirokaster and Dropull Municipality within the framework of the Grants for Regional Development and Cohesion scheme.
The project aims to promote a balanced and sustainable social and economic development, encouraging the potential of the two municipalities for economic development to reduce existing inequalities.
The project has specific objectives:
i. to support the process of gathering medicinal and aromatic plants in the municipalities of Gjirokastër and Dropull, and further the processing of cosmetic products, focusing on the engagement of young farmers and women farmers and their families, mainly those who live on economic assistance;
ii. to raise public awareness against the cultivation and trafficking of cannabis, with attention to
especially villages affected by the cultivation of cannabis, young men and women from families living on economic assistance and young men and women who are unemployed or with low education.
The restored building within this project will serve not only for the storage of medicinal plants but also as a laboratory, training and training center for the entire community, giving an opportunity for concrete engagement to local citizens dealing with the cultivation and processing of plants. medicinal. The premises that are being reconstructed will also be accessible to nine-year and high school students. Students will have the opportunity to see more closely the work processes and learn about the importance of the medicinal plants that the area offers as well as the by-products that are benefited from these plants.