CINEMA – THEATER “Aleksandër Moisiu”

 Kavaja opened the doors of the cinema theater “Aleksandër Moisiu” already completely reconstructed thanks to the grant given under the Grant Scheme in Support of the Earthquake Affected Areas.

This building from 1938-1943, located in the heart of the city, has remained closed for more than three decades, subjecting it to decadence and demolition.

Thanks to the support of the Swiss and Austrian Governments, the citizens of Kavaja and the surrounding cities will have the opportunity to participate in theatrical performances or film screenings in a hall reconstructed and equipped to the best standards.

Kavaja needs to offer more opportunities for the promotion of art and culture, so the funding of 38,997,383 Lekë served to give a new spirit to the cinema theater “Aleksandër Moisiu”.

The inauguration event, which took place on February 16, 2022, brought together important personalities and figures who, together with the Mayor Mr. Redjan Krali and the Austrian Ambassador Mr. Christian Steiner, inaugurated the new stage and premises of the historic building.

The project in question was the first to be managed directly by the Municipality of Kavaja with the support of the ADF and RDPA, thus giving the Municipality the opportunity to increase its capacity to manage funds and projects according to best practices.