Component 1

RDPA IV through component 1 supports the advancing of the regional development reform based on the backdrop and institutional context already consolidated during the third phase of the programme.

In this regard, component 1 of the programme specifically tackles the successful implementation of the National Plan of Regional Development through advancing of Regional Development planning and programming cycle, at national and regional level, as well as the completion of the legal framework which represents the ground of all foreseen RD institutions.

Based on actual results and expectations, more efforts will be focused on enhancing the institutional capacities of National Institutions and Regional Units to ensure a solid management of RD Policy and to use the already initiated Planning process for the implementation of the Operational Programme. The above mentioned objectives will be successfully delivered under phase IV of the Programme, assuming that the complete legal and institutional framework will be in place and will serve as basis for the successful implementation of the reform.

In this context, during phase IV of RDPA, support will be provided for the establishment of the National Plan for Regional Development and related regional planning documents which require substantial efforts in terms of coordination at several levels. The overall coordination of the NPRD-process has been entrusted to the Deputy Prime Minister, which is the competent body for coordinating Regional Development Policy in Albania. In its overall coordination task the Deputy Prime Minister will work closely with the Albanian Development Fund (ADF), which has been entrusted with the implementation of Regional Development Policy interventions in Albania and is also performing the role of secretariat of the National Committee for Regional Development (NCRD).

The National Committee for Regional Development (NCRD) has been established in the draft Law on Regional Development for performing the role of overseeing the situation in the field of regional development and proposing measures for promoting regional development in Albania. As such the NCRD is an important national consultative body that will issue its opinion on proposals for a new Regional Development Policy in Albania.

In addition, in each of the Regions, a Regional Development Board (RDB) has been foreseen to be set up for consultation and promotion of regional development objectives and their implementation on the territory of the respective regions. The RDB is a partnership body in which representatives of local governments and socio-economic partners (private sector, NGO’s and other societal groups) provide their ideas and opinions on relevant aspects of regional development policy of national and regional government.

RDPA will ensure full support to establish the above mentioned institutions which are considered as key partnership bodies for delivering a successful reform, by including all relevant actors and coordinating efforts at national and local level. Component 1 will be delivered ensuring all consultation processes needed for finalising the legal and institutional framework. Intra-institutional dialogue and cooperation are two key elements which guide the strategy of finalising RD policy and its follow-up implementation at central and local level.