Component 3

In this component RDPA will focus on improving the socio-economic conditions for Albanian citizens through the implementation of Regional Development projects, reflecting regional needs and priorities.

In frame of the IV phase of Regional Development Programme Albania, two Grant Schemes have been foreseen to be designed and implemented by building on the strategic, institutional and operational framework for regional development that is being further developed in parallel by the Albanian authorities with the Programme’s assistance.

This grant scheme contributes to the EU integration process of Albania since its design and rules are in line with the relevant EU Regulations and guidance both in relation to EU pre-accession assistance and European Structural and Investment Funds. The above two sets of Regulations and procedures are based on the EU Financial Regulation that designs the framework for sound financial management and control of EU funds spending in both EU Member States and accession countries. The key underlying principles are transparency, sound financial management and accountability.

The grant fund mechanism envisages that the Albanian Development Fund, in quality of the Mandated Body, will exercise specific grant management functions thus consolidating its administrative capacity and expertise on grant management, from identification and selection of projects, to supervision and financing of the implementation of the grant scheme. The foreseen Grant Schemes will be launched through call for proposals and their direct beneficiaries are the Municipalities of Albania.

Content-wise, there will be two Grant Schemes which will be delivered under phase 4 of RDPA:

Grant Scheme in support to the earthquake affected areas: This first scheme will have an ameliorated structure based on lesson learnt of the previous pilot Regional Grant Scheme. It will be designed considering the immediate needs of the country considering the post-earthquake situation as of November 2019. The Grant Scheme in support of the earthquake affected areas targets 11 Municipalities and aims at supporting the improvement, requalification or reconstruction of local infrastructure in different fields such as economy, tourism, transport, education. With a 2,000,000 euro fund the Grant Scheme is expected to be launched on July 2020 through the publication of an open call for proposals.

Support to Regional Projects Pipeline development: It is proposed that a grant scheme based on competitive selection of projects proposals is dedicated to support preparation of pre-feasibility and/or feasibility studies for regional and municipal level infrastructure.