The inauguration of the concert hall “Ramiz Kovaçi”

The inauguration of the concert hall “Ramiz Kovaçi” was a very important event not only for Krutan artists, who for twenty years have not had the opportunity to show their talent on a real stage, but also for all art lovers and citizens of Kruja . The concert hall “Ramiz Kovaçi” already meets the standards and parameters of national stages in which cultural, artistic, scenic and figurative art activities can take place. The Concert Hall was inaugurated in the presence of the Mayor of Kruja, Mr. Artur Bushi and the Ambassador of Switzerland in Albania, Mr. Adrian Maitre.

The Municipality of Kruja organized the afternoon of February 11, 2022, a concert with local and guest singers, folk dance and instrumental performances. Part of the activity were singers of Kruja district as: Fatbardh Karaj, Mehdi Guni, Sabrina Zeka, Arben Mustafa, Dashamir Baruni, Deshire Maja, as well as singers of national and international scenes such as; Ramona Tullumani and Kastriot Tusha. As well as, the National Ensemble of Folk Songs and Dances and the characteristic group “Pleqtë e Krujës” were part of this concert.

The Regional Development Program in Albania continues with the implementation and monitoring of projects in close cooperation with the Albanian Development Fund.