Zemër Labërie

“Zemër Labërie” is the project that is being implemented by the Municipality of Selenica in partnership with the Association “Vajzë” within the Grant Scheme for Regional Development and Cohesion which is harmonized with the national program of the Albanian Government for the socio-economic development of the country “The Program for the Integrated and Sustainable Development of 100+ Villages of Albania 2022-2026”.
“Heart of Labëria” has as its general objective the restoration of the area of ​​Labëria into a beloved place to live, visit, work, have fun and serve not only the residents of the area and those who left, but also tourists, local and foreign visitors.
The rehabilitation of the main square of the village of Vajze including the tombstone of Perlat Rexhepi and the bust of Ali Asllani are the activities of the project foreseen during period July-December 2022.
The photo gallery below shows some of the progress of the completed works which turn the center of Vajze village into a welcoming gateway for visitors to the Archaeological Park of Amantia.